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Karen Buckley

“Hi Karen & Charlie, I just finished reading my 2nd “Turtlesinger Times” and
really enjoyed it! Thank you for putting me on your mailing list. Especially fun
was to read your Dad's poem... and now (we) feel we're part of the “in crowd”
who personally knows the “inspiration” behind his poem. I'm so impressed
with all the appearances, events, education, and fun you guys provide. It
sounds like you're in the most enviable way to make a living, i.e. going to work
and obviously doing something you truly enjoy! I can't think of a better kind of
job to have. You certainly are blessed to have reached so many and provided
so much interest and fun in learning about turtles. [Some time later...] I got
interrupted and when I came back to finish this, I decided to take some time to
view your website...wow, the subject of... (you, your) husband and turtles just
keeps growing in interest and “impressiveness” I read your song lyrics, listened
to you singing them, and enjoyed the photos too. I had known about your
interest and involvement with turtles...but didn't know all the cool details of
what all you guys do with turtles.”
Connie Ramos
Placerville, California

“Dear Karen & Charlie-Thank you for putting on a wonderful show in our
house for Georgia's birthday. The kids are still talking about the turtles...and
the worms. As you heard, we have your CDs and each of the children have
their favorites and as they listen they recount favorite things you did with each
turtle. The tunnel was great fun and the barbell act was adorable. We look
forward to catching you somewhere this summer. I read your most recent
newsletter and read it to my older daughter Brooke who was pleased as punch
to be featured. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing such a fabulous
Julie Ridgway
Linwood, New Jersey

“This year, my 8 year old daughter decided to throw me a turtle-themed
birthday surprise party...Of course one of the things they got me was your CD,
Turtle Bug. We have all really loved listening to it! Your songs are sweet,
funny, often touching, and educational, too. I just had to write to let you know
that Turtle Bug was the hit of the party! Thanks-“
Dan Alpert
Rose Valley, Pennsylvania

“(Thank you for your) cute Christmas card in the aftermath of your splendid
presentation here a few weeks ago! May God fortify your ministry now and
Rector Doug Eberly
The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany
Ventnor, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for doing TURTLERAMA and helping out at
CRITTERFEST, 2004. This year's CRITTERFEST was a huge success!
CRITTERFEST draws many local people who normally would not take the
time to come to Cape May Point State Park. We believe we had at least 200
visitors at this festival! People like you make things special for everyone,
especially the children. A wise man once said, “A day spent with a child is
never wasted.” Just think how many children you personally introduced to the
wonderful world of nature! Remember the future of Cape May County will
some day be in their hands. Thank you so much. Say hi to the turtles!”
Matt Pelligrine, Park Naturalist
Cape May Point State Park

“Dear Karen & Charlie--My granddaughter was delighted with her Turtlesinger
birthday party, and you gave her many, many opportunities to feel special
indeed. I'm sure this will be an occasion she will never forget! I'm also struck
with how your songs and games allow turtles to be turtles and children to be
children--and at the same time impart so much awareness about the turtles'
struggle to survive (and what we can do to help them). We can't see a balloon
without my grandchildren reminding each other that a broken balloon looks like
a jellyfish to a turtle. Many, many thanks for sharing your gifts so lovingly and
generously. Your compassion and gentleness calls forth the same in others--
and we are all enriched and enlightened. Keep singing your songs!”
Marguerite Chandler
Cape May Point, New Jersey

“Karen and Charlie, my husband and I took our children, Mary, 6 and
Christopher, 4 to the Bayside Center in Ocean City to see your performance
and for the second time, LOVED your show!. . .your show renewed our love
of turtles . . . Thanks so much,”
Terri and Joe, Mary and Christopher Ney
Ocean City, New Jersey

“On behalf of the Chester County Conservation District and the Chester
County Parks & Recreation Department, we would like to thank you for
performing at the 2003 Chester County Earth Day Celebration on April 19,
2003. The park employees and event visitors sincerely enjoyed your
performance. Your program was an outstanding attribution to the scheduled
events for our 3rd annual Earth Day event. We will keep your program in mind
for future Chester County Parks & Recreation Department sponsored events.
Thank you again for performing and we hope that we can work together again
in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any service to
John N. Spencer & Robert E. Bale
Chester County Parks & Recreation, Pennsylvania

“I was impressed by your calendar--what a great idea to send out the turtle
word! I decided to send mine to (one of my little relatives) in Northfield,
Vermont. She's in the fifth grade. . .I don't know how many turtles they have
in Vermont but I thought they'd have fun looking at (them) in her class.”
Mariana Buckley
West Dennis, Massachusetts

“When (3-year-old) David gets out of the bathtub he likes to hide under a
towel and say 'I'm a little Rocky turtle and this is my shell.' And he often asks
to listen to his favorite song on the computer (CD), the 'Rocky' song.”
Kitty Fuller
Groton, New York

“Dear Karen, Thanks so much for the CD: I enjoyed the songs, and I played it
for friends as well. I wish you all sorts of success as The Turtlesinger.”
John Acorn, “Nature Nut” (Animal Planet)

“Karen-I wear the Turtlesinger sweatshirt...proudly-I'm so proud of your
fabulous songs...I can't wait to get your CD!”
Jean Fitzpatrick
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

”Dear Turtlesinger & Turtletoter, we're really glad you came to Lily's birthday
party...we had a wonderful time. You really put on a special and lovely show-a
truly unique experience! I am sure Lily's party was the best of the season!
Keep on singing-the baby's 5th birthday is in a few years. Expect another call
from us! Thanks again-you really are special and make a great contribution to
our little planet.”
Liza, Tim, Lily and Sam Davis
Rosemont, New Jersey

”Wonderfully creative! Fun and educational, too.”
Roni Rabin
Forest Hills, New York City

”Delightful show!”
Penelope Tungblut
Round Hill, Virginia

”Nice musical-fun! Good show about turtles, especially different turtles.”
Payton & Morgan Brown
Annapolis, Maryland

”The kids were enthralled! Nice job.”
Pat Doherty
White Plains, New York

”Loved singing the songs; feeding everyone (Bart, Rocky, Gracie), eating
Jessica McDowell
Cape May, New Jersey

”Karen, I don't know how to thank you for all you and your husband did for
my class this year. I saved your CD and gave it out on graduation day. You
should have seen the faces on the parents-I had a mother in tears. They were
all so thrilled with the CD and the children were so proud. Everyone enjoyed
hearing the Arbor Day song (Turtles and Trees) at the graduation, too. I can't
thank you enough for working so hard to have the CD ready before school was
out. Please accept these (turtle gifts) on behalf of the children, Mrs. Jones, and
myself. The necklace is very old and I hope you like it. It seemed appropriate
for someone of your musical talent. When you wear it, please think of the
kindergarten class of 2001 at Stone Harbor School.”
Roberta Dean
Stone Harbor Elementary School
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

”I would like to let you know about Karen Buckley, The Turtlesinger. She
performed at the Clark Public Library this past weekend. I'd strongly
recommend her for the Performers' Showcase-she is a great act.” Kathy
Clark Public Library
Clark, New Jersey

”Thank you and Charlie and all the turtles for being a beacon of light!”
Diane Burdsall
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

”I didn't like it...I LOVED it!”
Hallie Kirk, Second Grader,
Seaview Elementary School
Linwood, New Jersey

”I would like to tell you about the inspiring program that Karen Buckley, aka
Turtlesinger, performed at our Bull's Island Recreational Area. The program
was one of our most highly attended and highly praised programs that we
offered this summer. Karen has such a love and appreciation for not only her
three live turtles she brings with her, but also a love of the environment. Her
songs educate families on the importance of keeping the environment clean,
while they are being entertained by wonderful music and of course the turtles.
The children, as well as their parents, walked away with a better understanding
of turtles and how each person makes choices that can affect wildlife. Karen
gives a very interactive program allowing each person to get a close up look at
her three turtles (by the way, these are some of the friendliest turtles I have
ever seen) and often has volunteers come from the audience to help feed the
turtles. I can say without a doubt that every person who attended her program
had a wonderful time...Her songs and turtles are a guaranteed success...”
Stephanie Fox, Naturalist
Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park
Somerset, New Jersey

”In the midst of all the crazy stuff going on around (The Turtlesinger, Karen
Buckley) is an island of creativity and sanity...Since we are a marine
community, the more our children learn to love and respect our unique fauna,
the better the community is.” “ We are a local volunteer group that provides
help with homework, nutritious snacks and enrichment to children from 1st
through 5th grade after school. Over the years we have been fortunate in
having musicians, environmental experts, puppeteers and many others provide
programs for our children. I am writing this because I know that you also focus
on young minds and hearts with your programs. One of the most outstanding
experiences for the children was a presentation/performance by the
Turtlesinger. She and her husband have collected several turtles over the years
and through song and music they teach the children to respect these fine
creatures. . . I am just letting you know that they had a powerful effect for the
good with our children. I believe you would find their style of educating and
protecting this species compatible with (your) philosophy.”
Georgina Fenichel
Community Action Now (CAN) Afterschool Program
Ocean City, New Jersey

”Karen--Thank you for a grand program.”
Joyce Bauer, Program Chair
Mature Adults Club, Resurrection Church
Marmora, New Jersey

”Thank you, Karen. (The CD is) a real joy. I can't wait to share it with my
grandson. Thanks again.”
Barbara Johnson
Cape May Point, New Jersey

”Great lyrics...You're doing wonderful things for life, children and the earth”
Professor Ed Gould
Former Curator, National Zoo

”It was fun. One, because we didn't have to read about turtles from a boring
science book. And two, because we learned a lot of facts about turtles. We
even got to feed them tomatoes.”
Fifth-grader Georgie Homan
Fanny D Rittenburg School
Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

”On behalf of The Marine Mammal Stranding Center I would like to thank you
for the program that you put on in our Museum on November 11th. The
feedback that I have gotten from people that attended is definitely positive.
Those that missed it want to know when you are coming back.I want to thank
you both for the great job you did in presenting the turtles at our recent “
Turtle Day”  here at the Center. The attendees all seemed delighted with the
program. People came back later to tell us how much they enjoyed it. I hope
that we can have you back again next year...thanks again!”
Sheila M. Dean, Co-Director
Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Brigantine, New Jersey

”While on vacation with my family on the Jersey Shore this fall, I was lucky
enough to see one of your performances in Stone Harbor. My family all loved
your show, and I was hoping to surprise them withT-shirts and a cassette.”
Matthew Lesh
Lake Zurich, Illinois

”(My daughter) gave me a Turtlesinger shirt and CD for Christmas and I love
them both! especially the CD. I enjoyed the music so much and am eager to
hear the next batch. I'd like to order a Cd for a friend of mine who is also a
great turtle/tortoise/terrapin fan. . . I know she's going to be thrilled with it.”
Hildegarde Horvath
Old Bridge, New Jersey

”Karen and Charlie and all you turtles--Thanks so much for your performance--
calls and notes from teachers--they were so excited and so enjoyed you guys--
calls from mothers also about how excited the kids were...and my kids think
you are the greatest--can't thank you enough--hope to catch one of your other
performances...Everyone is talking about your Turtlesinging! Several mothers
called and said they wished they had been there! thanks so much again! it was
Ashley Kirk
Seaview Elementary School
Linwood, New Jersey

”Back by popular demand, the Turtle Lady, Karen Buckley, will return!”
Atlantic City Press

”I really enjoyed your turtle songs and how you struck a chord with everyone
in the audience! young & old. I think you are really on to something and wish
you the best of luck in the pursuit of your passions...In any event, I thought I'd
drop you a quick note to let you know how many people you are touching with
your beautiful turtle songs sung in your beautiful voice.”
Barbara D. Paisley
Press Photographer

”Buckley has performed all over Cape May County. Her appearance at Cape
May Point State Park in July was so packed she had to return to another full
house in August.”
Debra Rech
For The Press

”...you must know that the stories about you have been sincere and from the
heart. The work you have done and are doing is appreciated by many people.”
Al Campbell
Cape May County Herald Reporter

”Thank you so much for the cassette! Isn't there any type of music you can't
sing? A good beat!!. . . I'd get up and dance!”
Suzanne Burgett
Middleburgh, New York

”Dear Karen, THANK YOU for helping to make our largest fundraiser in
2000, the Sunset Ferry Cruise, the best ever! All your hard work and effort did
not go unnoticed. What an appropriate venue for your creative turtle
repertoire! Thanks again! The audience loved it!”
Meghan E. Wren, Executive Director
Delaware Bay Schooner Project

”The Delaware Bay Schooner Project has received numerous compliments
about how well this event was organized...and how much the event was
enjoyed. Your effort and energy made it happen! The audience clearly loved
your music. Thanks again!”
Jeanne Covert, Outreach Coordinator
Delaware Bay Schooner Project

”What a wonderful calendar! You did a beautiful job of photography and
putting it all together. It is really a treasure and up on the wall as the calendar
of the year. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. I love your stories
about the turtles and their individual characteristics. You are doing so well in
turning your avocation into your vocation. Congratulations.” Thank you...for
this year's turtle calendar. We have enjoyed last year's very much and will the
2003 (calendar) as well. That was a great idea to show pictures of the children
enjoying your company and the turtles as well.”
Florence and Charlie Fosgate
Pocasset, Massachusetts

”Thanks. We loved your performance. Your songs are very entertaining and
you both have such a nice way about you. The children have not stopped
talking about it. My two year old pretends she is Rocky all the time.”
Julie Ridgway
Linwood, New Jersey

” ...Also wanted to thank the turtles for the calendar, it's really well done and
quite informative!”
Lynn and Andy Moceri
Cape May Court House, New Jersey

”Tetra grants permission to use the ReptoMin(R) name in (your) songs...We
are glad to hear your turtles (and tortoises and terrapins!) are fans of our
product and wish success to Karen Buckley, Turtlesinger(R) in her
performances and upcoming recordings.”
Eric Dietrich
Sr. Brand Manager – Tetrafauna

”Turtles have their day: You knew you were at the Wings 'N Water Festival
because of the light scent of salt from the marshes and the sound of Karen
Buckley singing, “ Helping all the turtles in the county of Cape May.”
Luis Puga, Staff Writer
The Press of Atlantic City
Wings 'N Water Festival 2001
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

”Dear Karen and Charlie, Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation.
All of the ladies enjoyed meeting you both and your turtle friends. The music
was great plus informative. We are very appreciative to you for sharing this
program with our Civic Club.”
Kathy Deger
Stone Harbor Women's Civic Club
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

”Karen, thank you so much for coming to entertain Camp Cape May on July
5, 2002. I am one of the counselors, and I can truly say that I enjoyed your
performance. I think that the kids really enjoyed it also. Many of them said
that they can't wait until next year so that they can see you. The kids also
mentioned that they liked feeding the turtles. Please come and see us again! I
know I am very anxious to hear from Rocky, Gracie, Big Black Bart, Mr.
Buckley, and yourself again!”
Ashley Klug, Counselor
Cape May Summer Day Camp
Kiwanis Park, Cape May

”Many thanks for the wonderful program you and your husband presented at
our library! Everyone attending had an enjoyable and educational experience.
After we are settled in our new library, I will contact you to make
arrangements for another program. Again, thank you for coming to our
Denise Saia
Director, Franklin Township Public Library
Franklinville, New Jersey

”Dear Mrs. Buckley, Thank you ever so much on your efforts to get the
children's CD to them on their graduation day. My wife and myself appreciate
all of your efforts with our child as well as the wildlife. Tommy has learned so
much about the wetlands, especially the turtles, this year. I believe your songs
added great enthusiasm to the class. Again, thank you for all of your efforts.”
Tom Hersh, Sr.
Father of Tommy Hersh
Stone Harbor Kindergarten Class

”Karen, Here's the check for you and the turtles. Thanks so much-It was
Catherine Rodan,
Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts
Cape May, New Jersey

”Karen & Charlie: Thank you for the great program. Everyone enjoyed it. You
both work well together. Keep up the good work! God Bless you both! Thank
you again.”
Helen & Friends,
Blind Center of the Jersey Cape,
Cape May Court House, New Jersey