Here we continue our photo gallery of places we've been and some of you wonderful
turtle lovers out there.  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS BELOW TO ENLARGE!  Our
special thanks to Donna Chapman at the 4H Fair, Sandra Boone at the Marine
Mammal Stranding Center show, Yvette Rehr at the Avalon Mini Series (and 150th
Turtlesinger Event Celebration!), Jane Braun at the Somers Point Extravaganza on
the Beach, and Fabbi Abdmessih at the West Deptford Library program for taking
these great shots!  Again, this is a new idea we're trying and we'd love your
feedback, so if you like what we're doing here:  please let us know!  Thanks!
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A Youngster is bowled over with
excitement when families at the Marine
Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine
get a close look at a mature female
diamondback terrapin on July 19th.
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Audience members can wiggle a finger
when they want to see a turtle up close
while listening to a Turtlesinger song!
Here at the Avalon Mini Event, turtle fans
get a close-up look at a diamondback
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Children and adults alike enjoy the thrill of
meeting Big Black Bart up close during
his song at the West Deptford Public
Library on August 13th!
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The Turtletoter joins young audience
volunteers who become little sea turtles
hatching and digging out of their nests on
July 18th at the Cape May County 4H Fair!
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Although Turtlesinger audiences follow
the "Galapagos rule" and don't touch the
turtles, Big Black Bart strolls towards fans
during "Song For Bart" at the Avalon Mini
Event on 7/22/03.
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Kids at the August 11th Somers Point
Evening Extravaganza on the Beach rush
excitedly to the stage as soon as they see
Rocky the three-toed box turtle poke his
head out of his house!
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